The role of a catering equipment engineer is crucial in the food and beverage industry. They are trained professionals responsible for checking the functionality of different equipment. A properly operating cooking appliance guarantees optimum safety inside a commercial kitchen.

The Importance of Checking Catering Appliances

An equipment maintenance engineer has a specified role in a professional kitchen. They are required to check all the vital fixtures and appliances. This ensures a smooth run. If you run a food business, you are expected to call them in frequent intervals. They can inspect all the appliances and equipment in the kitchen.

Cooking Appliances Inspected by an Equipment Engineer

● Gas Appliances: A commercial kitchen consists of various gas appliances. These include oven ranges, fryers, grilling equipment and Combi ovens. The professional is expected to check each of these appliances. From inspecting the flame colour to testing the knobs, they do it all. For your safety, you should contact a professional who has a Gas safety registration. Only registered professionals are allowed to check the gas appliances in a commercial kitchen.

● Gas Interlocking Systems: The Gas Safe regulations declare a gas interlocking system requirement in all commercial kitchens. Only a registered equipment maintenance professional is allowed to inspect it. A gas interlocking system plays a crucial role in preventing the build-up of harmful gases. The engineer is expected to inspect the vital components of this system. This includes valves, sensors and pipework.

● Electrical Appliances: An equipment engineer also installs gas appliances and electrical installations in the kitchen. Commercial kitchens are recommended for regular testing every five years. Proper annual maintenance is also needed for portable devices. A planned preventative maintenance routine is important. It can help you meet all these recommendations.

● Ventilation System: Proper air circulation and ventilation are integral for any kitchen space. These are expected to function properly and be maintained regularly. A professional catering equipment engineer is responsible for checking the ventilation system of a commercial kitchen. They should provide suggestions for keeping the area free from harmful gases produced from the fumes of cooking.

A professional catering equipment engineer can inspect all types of appliances in a commercial kitchen. If you require the help of an expert in this field, consult AWS Catering & Refrigeration. Our team consists of catering equipment engineers in Sussex who have years of experience in this field. Visit our website to know more details.