A commercial refrigerator generally has a more extensive function than a regular one. Businesses use them to store foods and other supplies and keep them fresh for longer. Therefore, these units face a lot of rough use daily, which can cause significant damage to the exterior hardware.

Loose Fridge Door Can be a Menace:

One of the common issues that commercial fridge owners face is a loose door. The door of these fridges has a gasket seal that constantly needs to be closed. A loosened gasket seal can hamper the cooling process and damage the stored food items. Therefore, it is crucial to get the problem treated and repaired promptly by a repair professional.

Steps for Professionally Fixing Loose Fridge Doors:

An expert in commercial refrigeration repair in Sussex follows various steps to restore the functionality of the fridge door. You can find an elaborate discussion regarding this in the following section.

● Step 1: Replacing the gasket seal is the first and foremost job. The professionals have first to scan the refrigerator’s model and make it. They then have to find a gasket suitable for the fridge. They will keep it loose for at least 24 hours after bringing it. This helps the gasket match the correct humidity and temperature level.

● Step 2: The professionals dip the gasket into hot water to become more flexible for fitting. This step also involves the removal of the old gasket from the refrigerator door. The professional repairers remove it all, including screws, clips, adhesive and the retaining strip. These help keep the door functional.

● Step 3: After removing the gasket, the professionals thoroughly clean the mounting with detergent and water. The stubborn adhesives are removed with mineral spirit. Now, the professionals have started replacing the old gasket with the new one. The new gasket will be evenly placed by easing out all the corners.

● Step 4: After replacing the gasket seal, the repairers work to check the condition of the door hinges. It is one of the major causes of a saggy, loosened fridge door frame. The experts unscrew the hinges and repair the inner shell of the fridge.

The repairers follow these crucial steps to keep your refrigerator running smoothly. For better assistance, contact AWS Catering & Refrigeration. We are a premier name for commercial refrigeration repair in Sussex, offering quality service to many clients. To learn more, visit our website today.